The following is the full schedule for group workshops. The workshops are progressive in nature, which means that Andres and Isabel will build on the material taught in the previous classes. Do consider taking the earlier workshops if you have not taken classes with Andres and Isabel before.

Private Classes

Please use the contact form to email us directly if you want to have private classes with Andres and Isabel. The rate is US$100 per hour, excluding studio fees.

Group Classes

Fri, 8 AprilSat, 9 April

Sun, 10 April

Wed, 13 April

Fri, 15 April

Sat, 16 April

Sun, 17 April

12.30pm - 2pm(T1) Embrace(M1) Fundamentals of milonga with traspie(M2) Milonga with traspie: Corridas laterales(M3) Milonga with traspie: different types of walking
2.30pm - 4pm(T2) The walk: for men and woman.(ST1) Rhythmic turns(T4) Changes in embrace and dynamics
(ST2) Salon expression
4.30pm - 6pm(T3) Ochos, axis and key elements(Mu1) Melody, singer and half time(Mu2) Pauses, accents and double time
8pm - 9.30pm(ST3) Sacadas and combinations(ST4) Giros and enrosque
9pm - 2am
Welcome Milonga

Location: Lumbia

Farewell Milonga

Location: Tab
Topic NameDescription
(T1) Embrace, posture, connection and use of space Suitable for all.
(T2) The walk: for men and womanKey elements of walking. Suitable for all.
(T3) Ochos, turns and key elementsOchos, axis and dissociation. Suitable for all.
(T4) Changes in embrace and dynamicsIntermediate.
(ST1) Rhythmic turnsExplores stylistic differences in turns. Intermediate.
(ST2) Salon expressionChange of intention and energy. Intermediate to advanced.
(ST3) Sacadas and combinationsIntermediate to advanced.
(ST4) Giros and enrosque.Intermediate to advanced.
(M1) Milonga with traspie: Fundamentals Improvers.
(M2) Milonga with traspie: Corridas lateralesLateral runs. Intermediate.
(M3) Milonga with traspie: Different types of walkingIntermediate to advanced.
(Mu1) Melody, singer and half time.Suitable for all.
(Mu2) Pauses, accents and double time.Suitable for all.


  • T = Technique.
  • ST = Salon tango.
  • M = Milonga.
  • Mu = Musicality.


Early-bird discounts for registration and payment by 27 March!

  1. If you register for 10 or more classes, each of the 1.5 hr group class at SG$ 32 per class (29% OFF)
  2. If you register for 5-9 classes, each of the 1.5 hr group class at SG$ 36 per class (20% OFF)
  3. If you register for less than 5 classes, each of the 1.5 hr group class at SG$ 40 per class (11% OFF)

Subsequently the full rate is SG$45 for each 1.5 hr group class.

Go to online registration form.

Group Workshop Venues

S&A Standard Latin(For all weekend workshops)

Address: Block 261 Waterloo Street #03-29 (Inside the Waterloo Center). Take the stairs nearest to the coffee shop.

Nearest MRT stations are Bugis and Bras Basah. Underground parking available on premises.

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Lumbia (Workshops on 13 and 15 April)

Address: Block 163 Bukit Merah Central #04-3575. Use the lifts right next to 7-11, along Jalan Bukit Merah. Tel: 6225-2620.

Nearest MRT station is Red Hill. Sheltered parking available on premises.

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