Andres_coupleIXI Danza is proud to present the return of Argentine Tango maestros Andrés Laza Moreno with his new partner Luciana Arregui, who will be in Singapore this August (15 August – 24 August 2013) as part of their upcoming Asian tour.

Andrés began dancing when he was 14 years old. He soon joined the Ballet Zaraza Tango with which he gave his first exhibitions in some of the most important milongas in Buenos Aires. In 2004, Andres entered the very competitive “Academia de Estilos de Tango Argentino” (ACETA) also known as “Ballet Escuela” a project where the more famous maestros transmit their knowledge and experience to the new generation of dancers. In the same year he had the opportunity work with the master Carlos Gavito as assistant on his classes. In October 2006, Andrés becomes Samantha Dispari’s dance partner and kick-started his career as a Tango professional. During this period, Andrés learnt, developed and adopted the “Villa Urquiza” style with Jorge Dispari and María del Carmen.

We first met Andrés during the Sydney Tango Salon Festival in 2010 where he was one of the featured maestros. We were impressed by his passion and generosity in imparting his knowledge, and his down-to-earth approach to teaching tango. This was also evident from extremely positive response from the workshop participants after his previous visit in 2011.

In 2012, Andrés formed a new partnership with Luciana Arregui. Together they will embark on their first Asian tour together, which will include the following cities: Seoul, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Beijing and Taipei.

IXI Danza is glad to be the host for this tour and we look forward to your support for the events!

Update (9 August): To ensure good gender balance, ladies registering alone for any of the classes on 17th and 18th August will be put on a waiting list until further notice. Similarly we won’t be accepting any walk-ins from ladies on 17th and 18th August for the group workshops.

Update (22 August): For the workshops taking place on 24 August, as of now we won’t be accepting any walk-ins from ladies for T4 Pivots, and only 1-2 spots remain for ladies for Musicality 2 and Milonga 2. Leaders and couples can still register at this stage.