Group Workshops

portadaWe have structured the program to be somewhat progressive so that someone relatively inexperienced can benefit from most of the classes. However please don’t hesitate to email us at if you are unsure which classes are right for you.

Time Sat 17 August
(Venue: A & J Studio)
Sun 18 August
(Venue: A & J Studio)
Sat 24 August
(Venue: A & J Studio)
12:30pm – 2:00pm T1: El Abrazo T3: Conexiones T4: Pivots
2:30pm – 4:00pm T2: Caminada Musicality 1 Musicality 2
4:30pm – 6:00pm Milonga 1 Milonga 2
9:00pm – 1:30am Welcome Milonga
Venue: Dancing with Friends
Performance by Andres and Luciana!
Guest DJ Anthony Miller (Australia)

Topic Description
T1: El Abrazo Close Embrace.
Connection and being conscious of the floor.
Suitable for all.
T2: Caminada for men and women Key elements of walk, cross basic.
Suitable for all.
T3: Conexiones Posture.
Conscience of the weight (motion & no motion).
Leg dissociation and creating own axis.
Using the heel.
Suitable for all.
T4: Pivots Dissociation
Ochos Forward & Back
Suitable for all.
Milonga 1 Introduction of Milonga con Traspie.
Musicality: defining Traspie
Milonga 2 Side Walks.
Musicality: beat & double beat
Musicality 1 Beat. Pauses. Traspies.
Challenging concepts.
Musicality 2 General interpretation of different orchestras.
Juan D’Arienzo
Carlos Di Sarli
Osvaldo Pugliese
Challenging concepts.

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