Group Workshops

We have structured the program to be somewhat progressive so that someone relatively inexperienced can benefit from most of the classes. Anyone who has been dancing regularly in milongas for more than 7-8 months are suitable for the Intermediate levels. However please don’t hesitate to email us at if you are unsure which classes are right for you.


Topic Indicative Level
T1: Giros – Concepts – Elements All levels.
T2: Dissociation – Association – Pivots All levels.
T3: Displacement techniques for crowded milongas Intermediate.
T4: Sacadas and cadenas Intermediate.
T5: Embrace dynamics, contraenrosque y desenrosque Intermediate/Advanced.
T6: Lapice, Enrosque, Agujas Advanced.
Muscaility1: Double beat and half beat Intermediate.
Musicality2: Melody vs. Rythm Intermediate.
Musicality3: Discovering Di Sarli Intermediate.
M1: Walks and Cadencia (milonga) Intermediate.
M2: Side runs and musicality of double beat and regular beat (milonga) Intermediate.
M3: Sequences for Milonga (milonga) Advanced.


Time Fri 1 August
(Venue: Studio Up)
Sat 2 August
(Venue: Studio Up)
Sun 3 August
(Venue: Studio Up)
Sat 9 August
(Venue: Studio Up)
Sun 10 August
(Venue: Studio Up)
12:30pm – 2:00pm T1: Giros T3: Displacement techniques T2: Dissociation T4: Sacadas
2:30pm – 4:00pm Musicality1: Double/half beat M1: Walks and Cadencia Musicality2: Melody vs rhythm T6: Lapice, enrosque
4:30pm – 6:00pm T5: Embrace dynamics M2: Side runs Musicality3: Discovering Di Sarli M3: Milonga sequences
Welcome Milonga
Time: 9pm-12am
Venue: Studio Up
Grand Milonga
Time: 9pm-1:30am
Venue: Dancing with Friends

Update (27 July): The early bird rate has been extended to 30 July.

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