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Art of Tango IV:
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IXI DANZA is proud to present “The Art of Tango IV” workshops with Hsueh-tze Lee – teacher, milonguera and deejay, from 26 November to 8 December. This workshop series consists of progressive classes and a welcome milonga to mark her 4th visit to Singapore.

Known for her musicality and innovative approach, Hsueh-tze has been one of North America’s pioneers in Argentine Tango since 1990, the early days of Tango revival. She draws inspiration from her extensive experiences dancing with the milongueros of Buenos Aires. Her dance blends the richness of Tango tradition with exploratory possibilities.

Hsueh-tze teaches social Tango, the close embrace style that is danced in the milongas of Buenos Aires. It is the essence of Tango – emphasizing the connection between the couple and musicality. While it looks deceptively simple, there is a rich form of subtle body signals exchanged between partners, that respects Tango’s rhythms and melodies.

Here is a TV interview with Hsueh-tze during her second trip to Singapore, where she shares some personal thoughts about tango and her teaching style. Note that this file is relatively large so we ask for your patience while waiting for the video to load.

“A handful of Tango classes with Hsueh-tze might just change your Tango dancing. The “Hsueh-tze’s effect” works its magic on leaders and followers because she focuses on dancing quality and body mechanic. She is by far the nicest teacher I’ve taken classes with.”

Jean-Michel Ledeur, former Tango instructor in Singapore

More testimonials from previous students can be seen here.

Come experience the genuine Tango style of Buenos Aires with Hsueh-tze Lee!