Hsueh-tze dances “Tango milonguero” – the way Tango is danced in the milongas of Buenos Aires. It is the essence of Tango – a social style that emphasizes the connection between the couple and musicality. While it looks deceptively simple, the milonguero style is a rich form of subtle body signals exchanged between the couple, that truly respects Tango’s rhythms.

Hsueh-tze is also a pioneer in North America in dancing both the leader’s and follower’s roles, hence the title “The Woman Who Leads”. With 16 years of Tango experience, she is widely sought after for her skills and insights, and regularly invited to teach at major national Tango festivals such as those in Denver, Baltimore, Portland, and Seattle.

Currently a full-time Tango teacher, Hsueh-tze holds a doctorate in physiology from Harvard University and was formerly a Harvard Teaching Fellow and a biology professor at Wellesley College. In her classes, Hsueh-tze integrates her knowledge of dance, physiology and biomechanics to focus on movement dynamics, musicality, improvisation, and on the communication between partners that makes the Tango such a special dance. She will teach you not only the steps, but most importantly, how to step, thus transforming your dance. Under her guidance, students will improve their posture, balance and become a more confident and sensitive dancer.

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