Registration Process:

  1. Please fill in the online registration form below, by selecting all the packages and/or individual classes you are interested in, or through email. You can expect to receive a confirmation email when the registration has been successful.

Registration and payment can also be done in person during regular events at IXI Danza. Please reserve as early as possible, as there is a limit on class size (maximum 40 per class) for effective learning. Your place at the workshop will be secured only after finishing the registration and payment procedure.

There is a total of 14 classes to choose from, grouped into 5 themes. You can either register for individual classes or enrol in packages, which offer more than 15% discount compared to individual classes! However, package rates are only valid with registration before 1 March and payment within 3 days.

Further discounts with registration before 1 March!

  1. Take any combination of 3 or 4 class packages + Milonga/Practica package, and get Milonga/Practica package at the special price of SG$50 (50% OFF).
  2. Take all of the class packages for SG$470 and get Milonga/Practica package for FREE.


Package Rates
F: Fundamentals (all levels)
Price: SG$100
CE: Close embrace (all levels)
Price: SG$100
V: Vals (improvers)
Price: SG$100

F1: Core Essentials for Tango: What makes a Dance Great?

F2: A Treasure Trove of Walks

F3: The Gist of Turns

CE1: 5 Secrets for Dancing Close

CE2: Bandoneon-like Moves: Ocho Variation with Heart

CE3: Classic Milonguero-style Figures

V1: Vals syncopation 1

V2: Vals syncopation 2

V3: Surges, Suspension & Lilt in Tango Vals

M: Milonga (improvers)
Price: SG$100
A: Advanced Figures
Price: SG$70
M&P: Milongas & Practicas
Price: SG$80

M1: Milonga Lisa

M2: Milonga con Traspie – No Sweat Fancy Feet

M3: Dancing to Different Orchestras (D’Arienzo, Di Sarli & Pugliese)

A1: Flying on the spot (Single Axis Turns)

A2: Advanced figures: Slingshot & Molasses

Class linkages:

  • Each track is intended to be progressive so it is strongly recommended to commence from first class in each series for maximum benefit.
  • The Fundamentals package is highly recommended for both novices and advanced dancers, which will equip all participants with good foundations for subsequent classes.
  • The Close Embrace package is highly recommended for people intending to take either the Vals or Milonga package, because this will allow the participants to explore the widest range of subtleties of dancing to such music.
  • The 2 guided Practicas during the Workshop week is restricted to only people who have registered for classes.
  • Please don’t hesitate to check with us if you are unsure which classes are right for you.
  • For private classes, please email to reserve your slot.

Online registration form

Terms and conditions:

  • Package rates and Combo discounts are only valid with registration before 1 March and payment within 3 days.
  • Refund policy
    • If you wish to cancel all or portions of the classes, refund with 10% administrative charge is only available if notification of withdrawal is received before 1 March.
    • For notification of withdrawal between 1 – 9 March, a 30% administration charge will apply.
    • Under normal circumstances, there will be no refund after 10 March.
  • Videography: No filming is allowed during classes. However, at the end of each class the instructor will give a short summary of the lesson and/or demonstration which can be taped.
  • Cancellation of class: The organizer reserves the right to cancel a class if the number of participants is too few. You will be given a credit to redeem at another workshop.
  • The organizer will not be responsible for the balance of men and women in classes.

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