“My tango dancing history can easily be divided into 2 eras: the before Hsueh-Tse era and the after Hsueh-Tse era.

I met Hsueh-Tse in boston in 2001 after I moved from New York where I started tango dancing. I had been dancing for 18 month quite intensively in New York, taking a lot of classes and going out several times a week. Because I didn’t stay long in Boston, I took only a handful of group classes with her. But it totally changes the quality of my dancing…

How did I notice it? Very simply: after few weeks taking classes with Hsueh-Tse in Boston, I went back to New York to dance and what a surprise ! All my previous dance partners in New York were asking me: “what happened to your tango it has become so much finer?” That’s what I will always remember to myself as the “Hsueh-Tse effect”. It is all about the quality of your social tango dancing.

I’m talking from a leader’s point of view but the “Hsueh-Tse’s effect” also works its magic on followers.

Hsueh-Tse’s secret is her unique blend of body mechanic understanding, true Buenos Aires tango dancing experience and her great skill at teaching. She has trully researched about tango dancing & its teaching and she cares for you in her class like a good professor should.

In Tango dancing, I’ve taken a lot of classes from great maestros but I noticed that the best looking dancers rarely make the best teachers. The reason is simple, they spend time practicing on how THEY look and no time on how to make OTHER people dance good.

I will always be grateful to Hsueh-Tse, she made me a better dancer, the kind women appreciate to dance with and as a result she made me a better person too.”

Jean-Michel Ledeur, former Tango instructor in Singapore

“I remembered my first dance with her (Hsueh-tze), it was at Salon Canning. Not only she felt relaxed, balanced and calm, the thing that stood out most in her dance was that she could rapidly and accurately tell the style and emotions of my dance; she was always listening; observing, evaluating, feeling the characteristics of my dance. Sensitive and acutely aware of her partner, in turn communicate and feed her own energy through her body.

We met several times for lunch. Through our conversations I came to understand she really loved tango. Long before it was the fashionable dance, she came to Buenos Aires. When it was unknown and milongas were still the dark smokey affairs. She danced and learnt from the old milongueros of Buenos Aires, many of them already gone, like Gavito. I love to hear her stories and descriptions of the long gone legends of tango. Its like she was there to witness a passing of the old guard, abosorbing all their wisdom.

I took a private lesson from her during her last week in Buenos Aires. I have had tango explained through the traditional way, the old milongueros; I’ve had tango explained through the modern dance methodology; the nuevo dancers. But Hsueh Tze, with her extensive knowledge of physiology and biomechanics really helped clarified a lot of concepts. It related to me very much because I was a sportsman all my life. By pinpointing how the body muscular systems works, she could target the problem areas of my technique instantly.

To me, Hsueh Tze is unique. In her combination of sentiments and experience of the old guard, the modern and scientific teaching techniques. Topping it all off with a warm personality and genuine passion in the sharing of her knowledge.”

Isaac Ho, teaching assistant at Escuela Argentina de Tango (Tango school in Buenos Aires)

Post-workshop Feedback

“…the material presented was (IMHO) very well considered, both in the range of topics covered and in the depth at which Hsueh-Tze taught. She’s a great teacher, and I only wish she were here longer.” – TL

“…it’s been great fun learning Tango under Hsueh-tze Lee. After 6 mths proper into the dance, we are still working on Connection, but Hsueh-tze makes learning Close Embrace so much easier to understand than from other instructors we know… If I have to name the one thing I value most from the workshops, it must surely be the teachings on Musicality.” – IF

“Hsueh-Tze’s an exceptional instructor – and I believe she’d be the same teaching any other subject she chooses – not least because of her patience and consideration for her students. Her concentration during the workshop was 100% (I’ve been in classes where a teacher could assign a move/sequence, and while the students practice, the teacher’s off doing his/her own thing and not supervising or guiding). She’s a very sensitive dancer, and this makes it great when it comes to trouble-shooting. During the private lesson or even when she was leading me during the workshop, the most minute shift in connection is clear to her, and she was able to advise me how to fix it right there.

Thanks for bringing her out. I’m really glad I got to have at least a few workshops with her.” – VH

“My heartiest congratulations to you both for organising such a successful workshop. I was reviewing (mentally) what I learnt during the HT workshops, and realised that I had to drop you guys an encouragement & appreciation note.

Although I have to admit that not everything is retained and remembered, but it (the whole series) was definitely one of the best workshops I have attended… The workshop contents were well selected (good job!), covered very good grounds for the general level of dance here. The delivery was systematic and clear. I enjoyed greatly all 3 series of workshops. Especially memorable was the last lesson on musicality, touching on the three main orchestras in Tango. I thought that was enlightening; and something that was not often covered in workshops, and yet something so very important in the enjoyment & depth of the dance. I could feel the leaders applying what was taught and it certainly made a difference!

Yes, having HT back in Singapore would be great.” – YG

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