Javier Rodriguez

Javier, who has attracted a cult following around the world, is one of the most respected Tango dancers in Argentina. He is famous for his patrician elegance, precision and exquisite musicality.

Together with his former partner Geraldine Rojas, Javier has become one of the most influential Tango figures in Tango dance history. In their decade together, they attracted worldwide attention to the elegance and innovation of their salon style Tango. They have also appeared in many Tango shows, documentaries such as BBC’s La Confiteria Ideal: The Tango Salon (2003), and the movies Assassination Tango (2002) and Je ne suis pas là pour être aimé (“Not Here To Be Loved”, 2005), capturing the imagination and love of the Tango world with their exceptional dancing.

In spite of his enduring success, Javier remains a humble and accessible teacher, who shares his profound understanding of the essence of tango readily with his students.

Find out more about the talented Mr Rodriguez from our very own Isaac Ho’s personal experiences.

Stella Missé

Stella hails from the famous Missé Tango clan which includes her siblings Andrea, Sebastian and Gabriel, who are all professional dancers and are in high demand in the Tango world. She has been dancing Tango since she was a little girl, with extensive experience in show Tango.

Like Javier, Stella appeared in the movie, Assassination Tango, in 2002. She has been one of the lead dancers in Senor Tango – Buenos Aires’ most popular tango show, for the past 4 years.

Stella is now one of the rising stars of the Tango world, increasingly known for her sensuality, exuberance and expressive technique in her dance.

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