Dear Singapore tangueras & tangueros,

We are very glad to announce that Singapore is the final stop of Cacho Dante’s 2012 Asian Tour!

No need to travel to Hong Kong or Seoul, you will have the unique opportunity to take his Tango classes and learn from him right here in Singapore, so don’t miss it!

For those who don’t know Cacho, he is definitely a different kind of Maestro. And in today’s world where too many people try to get their “15 minutes of fame”, Cacho’s personality is wonderfully refreshing. “Milonguero de ley”, he is: pure milonguero like pure gold! He has been dancing since he was a teenager in the 50′s.

Cacho Dante is a pure social dancer and that’s why you won’t see any (or almost any) demonstration of him on Youtube. And although he has been cast to dance with Sally Potter in the Confiteria Ideal scene of the film the “The tango lesson”, he would never talk about it himself. His pride simply comes from the appreciation of the women who are dancing with him in the milongas or from seeing the social dancers he has trained over the last 2 decades being as appreciated on the dancefloor as he is himself.

The secret of Cacho lies in the invisible: the “apilado” connection.

His dancing was born in Buenos Aires crowded milongas: it is close embrace tango, “tango apilado”, where the connection never breaks and transmit all the emotions of the music between the 2 dancers. The technique of Cacho Dante applies to both men and women and both will benefits equally from the class!

Join us in early November to welcome Cacho in Singapore and celebrate 60 years of Tango dancing with him!

Mosaic Dance is the venue sponsor for this series of workshops.

Last updated: September 28, 2012 at 13:55 pm