Javier Rodriguez

Javier, who has attracted a cult following around the world, is one of the most respected Tango dancers in Argentina. He is famous for his agility, superb musicality and patrician elegance.

Together with his former partner Geraldine Rojas, Javier has become one of the most influential Tango figures in Tango dance history. In their decade together, they attracted worldwide attention to the elegance and beauty of the Villa Urquiza style of Tango. They have also appeared in many Tango shows, documentaries such as BBC’s La Confiteria Ideal: The Tango Salon (2003), and the movies Assassination Tango (2002) and Je ne suis pas là pour être aimé (“Not Here To Be Loved”, 2005), capturing the imagination and love of the Tango world with their magical dancing.

He and his current partner, Andrea Missé, are now one of the top Tango couples in the world. While he is undoubtedly an agile and elegant dancer, he remains a humble and accessible teacher.

Find out more about the talented Mr Rodriguez from our very own Isaac Ho’s personal experiences.

Andrea Missé

Andrea hails from the legendary Missé Tango clan which includes her siblings Sebastian, Gabriel and Stella Missé, who are all professional dancers and are in high demand in the Tango world.

Andrea started dancing Tango at the age of 11. She began her formal Tango studies with Carlos Rivarola, one of the stars of “Tango Argentino.” She studied for several years with Miguel Angel Zotto and later with Osvaldo Zotto and Antonio Todaro, considered by many to be the greatest teacher of tango choreography.

In the late-90’s, Andrea created the performing company Campañia Tango Danza with her former partner Leandro Palou and her brother Gabriel. Their shows have earned rave reviews in the U.S. and Europe. She is one of the most talented performers in the Tango world, known for her fluidity, beautiful adornments and expressive technique.

Past Performance Clips

Here are some samples of their past performances. Note that to view some of the videos you may need to install Adobe Flash Player which can be downloaded here.

  • Exhibition during the Argentine Couleurs Tango Festival, Paris, April 2007. (YouTube Link)


  • World Tango Festival 2005. (YouTube Link)

  • Exhibition during milonga “Bien Pulenta”, Buenos Aires, March 2007.


  • Exhibition during milonga “Bien Pulenta”, Buenos Aires, March 2007.


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