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IXI Danza is proud to announce the return of Javier Rodriguez and Andrea Missé to Singapore after their successful tour in 2007!

Javier and Andrea are among the most prestigious and celebrated teachers and performers of their generation of traditional Tango dancers in the world. In 2008, Singapore will be the last stop on a regional tour that will take them to the major Tango cities in Asia, namely Seoul, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

After teaming up about three years ago, Javier and Andrea have immediately become a major success at many international festivals and shows. They regularly perform and teach in major Tango festivals across Europe and Asia. In particular, they remain the hot favourites in Taipei during the International Taipei Tango festivals (the biggest and most famous Tango festival in Asia), appearing in 4 out of 5 festivals to date.

Both Javier and Andrea are wonderful teachers – entertaining, precise, energetic and humble with the ability to impart their deep understanding and love for Tango and its music easily to their students. Together, they inspire Tango dancers around the world with the beauty and elegance of their close embrace dancing.

Come join Javier and Andrea for their workshops on the 24th and 25th of May and learn from two of the best!!

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